Statement of Religious Principles
For the greater glory of God, and for the cause of fine music in this land, we being severally members of the American Guild of Organist do declare our mind and intentions in these things:
  1. We believe that the office of music in Divine Worship is a Sacred Oblation before the Most High.

  2. We believe that they who are set as Organists and Choir Directors in the House of God ought themselves to be people of devout conduct, teaching the ways of earnestness to those committed to their charge.

  3. We believe that the unity of purpose and fellowship of life between Clergy and Musicians should be everywhere established and maintained.

  4. We believe that at all times and in all places it is our duty to work and pray for the advancement of Divine Worship in the holy gifts of strength and nobleness, to the end that God's House may be purged of its blemishes, that the minds of all may be instructed, that the honor of that House may be guarded in our time and the time to come.

  5. Wherefore we do give ourselves with reverence and humility to these endeavors, offering up our work and our lives in the Name of Him, without Whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy. Amen.

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